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Mobile Solutions

These are applications developed for Handhelds (PDA) or data collectors so that transactions can be captured immediately via a PDA or a data collector to improve efficiency and simplify business processes.

  • Order Entry Module
      PDA Utility

    Sales person or delivery personnel can use PDA to capture sales orders/delivery order duringtheir visits. Information available on the PDA include updated stock data such as product ID, description, price, stocks status, purchase price, as such, sales personnel has product and pricing information as their fingertips.

    In addition, additional information such as customers details, credit information and sales history can be made available, so that the sales person can better manage customers, sales and collection while on the move.

    There are circumstances when invoices or delivery order has to be printed immediately to accompany delivery or exchange of goods, this module can be extended to allow printing of documents on the spot.

    At the end of the day, the orders can then be updated into UBS Stock Control software via a simple synchronization process. At the same time, data transfer from UBS Stock Control Software to PDA can be done easily and quickly with a simple touch of the screen.

  • Stock Take Module

    Stock take is no longer tedious and time consuming. Enjoy savings in time and manpower cost. The stock process is simplified and quality of data is improved as lesser data entry is required.
    With this stock take module, stock take can be done in shorter time and easily in just 4 steps:
    1. Download the data from UBS Stock Control to data collector
    2. Count the items and update the quantity on the data collector
    3. Transfer from data collector into UBS Stock Control for reconciliation
    4. Confirm to update the reconciled balance in UBS Stock Control

  • Goods Receipts module

    This module helps to reduce work load drastically for companies that have voluminous in-coming goods daily. The store man updates the incoming goods details, such as part number and quantity, supplier invoice number etc via a scanner or data collector and such data are uploaded into UBS Inventory & Billing software at the end of the day.

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