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QnE Standard  
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QnE standard – is the basic accounting software to start off with. With Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable fully integrated into General Ledger, users just need to enter transactions and are able to generate Customers and suppliers Aging Report immediately. It has all the essential features (click features) for companies to computerize the accounting system. With a few clicks of buttons, no more late night required for closing of accounts and the financial statement can be generated easily.

QnE standard is suitable for small companies, service companies or accounting firms which do not need order processing or inventory control module.

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product Features
  • Fully keyboard operation
    QnE was designed with fully keyboard operable, thus, users who are already familiar in keyboard operation (especially for the DOS user) can still use keyboard when using QnE. Furthermore, fully utilize of the keyboard to operate the QnE will be gain a faster speed compare with using mouse.
  • Eliminate the hassle of month end
    QnE allows you to enter next month’s transaction without closing the month’s account.
  • On-line help
    QnE provides a comprehensive and complete on-line help to guide users while they use QnE. Users can invoke the on-line help by pressing F1.
  • Multi-tasking
    To let the users complete their jobs as fast as possible, Qne allows users to work on multiple windows simultaneously.
  • Easy to correct data entry error
    When there are some amendments for a particular record, for example payment voucher, what the users need to do is go back to the payment voucher and do the amendment accordingly, even it is not the current month data. The system will update the relevant debit and credit transactions automatically.
  • Effective and fast inquiry
    QnE provides a fast stock/account enquiry screen for faster tracking the account/stock transaction status.
  • Handle post-dated cheque
    QnE allows you to control post-dated cheque, customer/creditor statement can be print out with a listing of all the post dated cheques received.
  • Password protection
    Every user in QnE should login with their username and password with the authorized access right.
  • Multi-level access control
    QnE uses multi-level access control to further control the user accessibility to each modulus of QnE. Different kind of users will be given different access right to use QnE, thus providing higher security control.
  • Unlimited accounting period
    User allows printing a profit and loss comparison report for the last 2 year with the current year.
  • User-friendly source document entry screen
    All the entry screens in QnE are designed as likely as an actual entry document. Thus, users will be able to start using QnE immediately. Furthermore, users with no accounting knowledge still can use these user-friendly source document screen to enter their accounting data due to QnE do the entire accounting debit and credit job automatically.
  • Account budgeting capabilities to monitor performance
    QnE allows user to print comparison profit & Loss Statement with budget report.
  • Powerful report designer
    QnE built-in powerful report designer allows user to easily customize the forms/reports to fit well to their preprinted forms and fit their own needs, for example, Invoice, Delivery Order, Cash Sales, Debit Note, Credit Note, Receipt, Payment, Statement and others.
  • All transactions can be entered easily (depends on the access right control)
    The entire entry screen in QnE is designed as a piece of paper; what’s the user need to do is just fill in the data accordingly. Furthermore, the system will do all the double entry automatically.
  • Truly real-time automated posting
    Once you have saved a transaction for example an sales invoice, QnE will do the posting automatically. Furthermore, user can print out the debtor statement with updated invoices.
  • Automated selling price and purchase price controls, reduce human errors and improve customer services
    The system will automatically retrieve the last selling/purchase price when a stock item is selected in the sales/purchase module.
  • Date sensitive report output; comparison usage for the financial report
    You can print a comparison profit & Loss statement first quarter with 2nd quarter, last week with this week, yesterday with today etc.
  • Powerful search engine
    You can search all the details of a customer for example: customer name, phone number, contacts person, fax, current balance, area, salesman etc.
  • Daily bank reconciliation
    The system allow you to do daily bank reconciliation, the system capture the cleared date for the bank reconciliation instead of month.
  • Multi currency control
    QnE calculate the forex gain or loss automatically.
  • Extensive Drill Down /Zoom in facility
  • Imaging support
  • Support data exporting to multiple file, eg. Excel, Word, Html, JPG, BITMAP etc.

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For QnE Standard, the modules available are General Ledger, Debtor, Creditor, Products and Others.

  • General Ledger
    • Chart of Account
    • Receipts Vouchers
    • Payment Vouchers
    • Journal Entries
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Budget Maintenance
    • Asset & Depreciation Maintenance
    • Opening Maintenance
    • Reports
  • Debtor
    • Customer Accounts
    • Debtor Categories
    • Debtor Areas
    • Invoice Entries
    • Receive Payments
    • Credit Note Entries
    • Debit Notes Entries
    • Debtor Opening Balance
    • Transactions Knock-Off
    • Finance Charges
    • Reports
  • Creditor
    • Supplier Accounts
    • Supplier Categories
    • Bills Entries
    • Pay Bills
    • Creditor Credit Notes
    • Creditor Debit Notes
    • Creditor Opening Balance
    • Bills Knock-Off
    • Reports
  • Products
    • Project Maintenance
    • Reports
  • Others
    • New/Open/Close Company
    • Company Profile
    • System Options
    • Change Password
    • User Maintenance
    • Term Maintenance
    • Change Code
    • Backup/Restore Database
    • Custom SQL
    • Scan Database
    • Database Validation
    • Import Data from XML File
    • Export Data to XML File
    • Multi Location
    • Multi Unit Of Measurements
    • Multi Delivery Order to One Invoice
    • One Sales Order to Multiple Delivery Order

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QnE Standard generates various categories of reports; namely General Ledger, Debtor, Creditor and Inquiry.

  • General Ledger
    • Chart of Account
    • Chart of Account
    • General Ledger
    • Trail Balance (Date Sensitive)
    • Trail Balance (With Opening Balance)
    • Debtors Balance (YTD)
    • Debtors Balance (MTD vs YTD)
    • Debtors Balance (With Opening Balance)
    • Creditor Balance (YTD)
    • Creditor Balance (MTD vs YTD)
    • Creditor Balance (With Opening Balance)
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Manufacturing Accounts
    • Fixed Assets Report
    • Fixed Assets Budget Report
    • Account Opening Balance Listing
    • Journal Listing
    • Payment Listing
    • Payment Listing With Details
    • Receipt Listing
    • Receipt Listing with Details
    • Post Dated Cheque Received Listing
    • Post Dated Cheque Issued Listing
    • General Journal
    • Payment Journal
    • Receipt Journal
    • Creditor Credit Note Journal
    • Creditor Debit Note Journal
    • Purchase Journal
    • Debtor Credit Note Journal
    • Debtor Debit Note Journal
    • Sales Journal
    • Trading and Profit & Loss Statement
    • Trading and Profit & Loss Statement (With Ratio)
    • Profit & Loss Statement Analysis
    • Profit & Loss Statement with Budget
    • Profit & Loss Comparison Report (generate more than 300 different comparison reports)
    • Statement Receipts & Payments
    • Balance Sheet
    • Balance Sheet with 3 Columns
    • Note to Accounts
    • Journal Voucher
    • Payment Voucher
    • Receipt Voucher
  • Debtor
    • Debtor Ledger
    • Statement of Account (Open Item)
    • Statement of Account (Balance B/F)
    • Statement of Account (With Knock-Off Details)
    • Debtor Aging Report (Summary)
    • Debtor Aging Report (Details)
    • Customer Listing
    • Customer Listing With Notes, Currency etc
    • Prospect Customer Listing
    • Customer Category Listing
    • Customer Area Listing
    • Customer Agent Listing
    • Customer Label
    • Debtor Matching Listing
    • Debtor Payment Matching Listing
    • Invoice Listing (Can generate with more than 300 reports format here)
    • Invoice Listing by Debtor
    • Invoice Listing by Debtor Category
    • Invoice Listing by Area
    • Invoice Listing by Agent
    • Credit Note Listing (Can generate with more than 300 reports format here)
    • Debit Note Listing (Can generate with more than 300 reports format here)
    • Debtor Payment Listing (Summary)
    • Debtor Payment Listing (Detail)
    • Due Invoices By Debtor (Can generate with more than 300 report formats here)
    • Due Invoices By Debtor Category (Can generate with more than 300 report formats here)
    • Due Invoices By Area
    • Due Invoices By Area/Debtor
    • Due Invoices By Area/Debtor Category
    • Due Invoices By Area/Agent
    • Due Invoices By Area/Agent/Debtor
    • Due Invoices By Area/Agent/Debtor Category
    • Due Invoices By Agent
    • Due Invoices By Agent/Debtor
    • Due Invoices By Agent/Debtor Category
    • Mail Merge (Can type letter here e.gCompany Trips)
    • Overdue Letter (Can generate Reminder 1,2,3 etc)
    • Official Receipt
    • Debtor Control Summary
    • Debtor Sales & Collection
    • Debtor Sales & Collection By Area
    • Debtor Sales & Collection By Category
    • Debtor Sales & Collection By Agent
    • 12 Months Analysis by Salesman
    • Debtor Actual Sales & Budget
    • Debtor Actual Sales & Budget By Area
    • Debtor Actual Sales & Budget By Category
    • Debtor Actual Sales & Budget By Agent
    • Debtor Actual Sales & Budget By Project
    • Collection Report
    • Collection Report By Debtor
    • Collection Report By Area
    • Collection Report By Category
    • Collection Report By Agent
    • Collection Report By Transaction type

  • Creditor
    • Creditor Ledger
    • Creditor Statement (Open Item)
    • Creditor Statement (Balance B/F)
    • Creditor Aging Report (Summary)
    • Creditor Aging Report (Details)
    • Supplier Listing
    • Supplier Listing With Notes, Currency etc
    • Supplier Category Listing
    • Supplier Area Listing
    • Supplier Purchaser Listing
    • Supplier Label
    • Creditor Matching Listing
    • Creditor Payment Matching Listing
    • Bills Listing (Can generate with more than 300 reports format here)
    • Bills Listing by Creditor
    • Credit Note Listing (Can generate with more than 300 reports format here)
    • Debit Note Listing (Can generate with more than 300 reports format here)
    • Creditor Payment Listing (Summary)
    • Creditor Payment Listing (Detail)
    • Due Bills By Creditor
    • Due Bills By Creditor Category
    • Payment Voucher
    • Creditor Control Summary
    • Creditor Purchase & Payment
    • Creditor Purchase & Payment By Area
    • Creditor Purchase & Payment By Category
    • Creditor Purchase & Payment By Agent
    • Creditor Actual Purchases & Budget
    • Creditor Actual Purchases & Budget By Area
    • Creditor Actual Purchases & Budget By Category
    • Creditor Actual Purchases & Budget By Purchaser
    • Debtor Actual Sales & Budget By Project
  • Inquiry
    • Account Inquiry
    • Project Profit Margin
    • All above inquiries allow zooming in and exporting to HTML, Excel, XML etc formats.

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