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UBS Add On Solutions

When standard solutions can not meet client’s needs, we sometime fine tune the standard software a little to meet client requirements. Our solutions ranges from those that simplify data entry, data transfer from/to Microsoft excel to those that is module customized to meet clients requirements.

Some of Add-on solutions developed include:-

  • Bill Locking
    Allows user to lock out specific type of transactions as part of company policy to set stricter and better control on the UBS Stock Software.

  •   Mass Email UtilityMass Email Utility
    Based on the contact information in the customers database in UBS Software, this utility allow user to send reports, newsletter, statement of accounts to your customers fax or email or to send reminders to customers via SMS.

  •   Touch-Screen Utility
    A solution that enhances the performance of UBS Point of Sale product. A simplified touch screen linked to UBS POS make it easier and more user-friendly for user to handle sales transactions. The screen can be customized according to user’s requirements.

  • Easy Data Entry
    Allows the use of data collectors to collect data during goods receipts, return or delivery, and import such data into UBS Stock Control and do away with data entry to increase efficiency.

  • Item Assembly and Disassembly
    Gives user the flexibility to assemble or disassemble product for simple BOM (Bill of Material). Once user set the relationship between raw material and finished goods, when transactions are entered, stock quantity will be updated accordingly. This also allows user to disassemble product into smaller parts.

  • Bar Code Printing
    Allows user to print bar code labels according to user requirements and for label of any size.

  •   Import/Export Utility
    Import and Export
    This utility allows user to synchronize data (both items number and transactions) from remote outlets to the head office database. This utility is used when client had several retail outlets and wish that outlet’s information being updated in head office timely.

  • Remote Access Utility
    This utility will automatically dial up and export the files to head office via remote access. With this, there is reduced human intervention and company improves efficiency.

  • Bar Code
    Links bar code to UBS Stock control that allow user to conduct stock take, handle goods receipts, return and delivery via scanner easily.

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