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UBS Accounting

UBS Accounting  
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UBS Accounting
, the core product, has now become a household name in computerized accounting software, with more than 130,000 installations in Malaysia and Singapore. Its simplicity to use and comprehensive reports has prompted many institutes of higher learning such as university, college and private school to apply UBS Accounting as one of their course material. Currently, over 350 of these institutes in Malaysia have included UBS Accounting in their course materials.

UBS Accounting consists of General Ledger, Debtors Ledger and Creditors Ledger. Both the debtors and creditors ledgers are multi-currency and are fully integrated to the General Ledger with the Debtors Control Ledger updated automatically. Drill down features is incorporated into various reports screen that allow easy navigation to source transactions.

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Product Features
  • Multi-companies
  • Different level of data accessibility
  • Flexibility in modifying transactions
  • Handle transactions of up to 18 months
  • Able to generate audit trails
  • Different level of security control and access rights assigned to each individual user
  • Able to generated consolidated Financial statements

  • General Ledger
    • Auto posting
    • Multi-currencies
    • Departmental accounting
    • Project accounting
    • GST tracking & computation
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Recurring transactions
    • Multi-tasking Capacities
    • Drill down facilities
    • Majority of the financial reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel
    Debtors Ledger
    • Multi-currencies
    • Open item entry
    • Knock off bill

    Creditors Ledger
    • Multi-currencies
    • Open item entry

    Fixed Assets
    • Various depreciation methods available
    • Assets detail listing
    • Flexible asset life or rate computation
    • Gain/loss on disposal of fixed assets automatically calculated
    • Asset custodian detailed listing
    • Track asset by location, department, project etc

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Generated Reports

All UBS Accounting reports are standard. However, most of the reports can be modified to suit user requirements. Some of the standard reports are as follow:-

General Ledger   Debtors Ledger

Creditors Ledger

Fixed Assets

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